Hunting and Pecking; Music Dying; Measuring War

A few quick hits today as I’ve ushered 174 law students, mostly first years, through database training this week, and I’m nearing the end of my brain being productive.

I always find it interesting to observe the students during these training sessions to see how they relate to the technology. This year I noticed two interesting things. Firstly, in our training area the students can open either Firefox or Explorer and for the last few years when asked to open a browser Firefox has more often than not been their browser of choice. Not so this year, this year I would say that a majority of the 174 students used IE. Maybe not an overwhelming majority but I would say an unscientific 65%-75% used IE. The second interesting thing I noticed, is that the hunt and peck method of typing is dead, at least amongst first year law students at Dal.

It seems that October 5th is the day that the music died, as the first person to stand up to the music companies and go to court over downloading lost, in Duluth Minnesota.

Lastly, today is the 37th anniversary the British Trade Commissioner, James Cross being kidnapped by the FLQ which lead to the October Crisis and the War Measures Act (nee Emergencies Act) being implemented. As we head into the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend, let’s be thankful that such drastic measures have not been implemented again in Canada since that time.

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