Interview Week

If any of those who work in downtown Toronto, especially in the Bay St. area, happen to notice a surprising number of fresh-faced, full-suited types scurrying about today, there is good reason for this: 8am this Monday morning marks the beginning of Interview Week. T.O. firms have the next three days to interview, wine, and dine 2Ls in order to determine which students will get the nod precisely at 5pm on Wednesday, for summer 2008 positions.

It’s perhaps not surprising to know that students stay in touch with each other through the day, both by text message and cell phone calls (mostly to those they know), and also by online discussion boards such as LawBuzz (to carry on anonymous and frank discussions). See especially the “Employment Advice (Students)” to canvass the concerns, excitement, angst, and attitudes of the job-seekings. The “Is this normal? I am freaking out about tomorrow” post is a good one.

Good luck all of you 2Ls; may the conversations be stimulating and the butterflies temporary.

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