The Friday Fillip

A Slaw Six – Tech6

1. Machinist – Salon’s tech blog. Tagline “Inside tech: Gizmos, people and big ideas” RSS.

2. “Earth-rise” – video of the Earth rising above the moon’s horizon, an astonishing film taken by JAXA‘s (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s) moon explorer KAGUYA. More HD shots of the moon and the distant home planet.

3. Strange and Sci-Fi Sounds – from thefreesoundproject. I’m partial to Sirens of Amygdala.wav.

4. typographical music video– a video titled “The Child” that shows a virtual world created only with animated typographics.

5. Start – from M.I.T., a natural language question answering system. Who composed the opera Semiramide?

6. A slideshow – 772 London pubs on Flickr

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