The Right Tool for the Job

For anyone who hasn’t yet ordered their XO laptop, here’s another option if you need to drop $400 on a cute little computer: the Asus eeePC.

This is a very portable little machine, about the size of a paperback. Its 7″ screen is apparently large enough to use with comfort while ensuring it can truly be carried around easily (it weighs less than 2 pounds).

But where it gets interesting is inside. It has only flash memory, which decreases its size and weight significantly. It has a relatively slow 900 MHz processer and only 512 MB of RAM, but it makes up for these shortcomings by sporting a lightweight Linux operating system. Ars Technica claims that this machine is going to bring Linux to the masses. It certainly looks promising, and is apparently selling like hotcakes.

This looks like the perfect machine for someone who needs something totally portable but not particularly powerful – for taking notes and looking things up on the internet, but not necessarily listening to music or watching videos (you can do those things, but I expect it would be pretty choppy, render other functions extremely slow, and with only 4 GB of disk space, you won’t have room to store much in any case).

Sounds perfect for either a student (if your professor allows it…), or maybe a busy lawyer who wants to type up some documents on the Go Train or take notes in court. There’s no need for either a powerful computer or an expensive operating system to do any of those things.

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