The Troubles of Flying

In Eugene Meehan’s Supreme Court letter today he states the facts of a proposed class action:

“The Applicants alleged that their flight back to Quebec City was delayed because of technical problems. Then, after takeoff, a loud banging noise was heard, the aircraft lost 10,000 feet in altitude, and the pilot had to return to the airport in Varadero, Cuba. An officer carried out a visual inspection of the aircraft and informed the pilot that part of the aircraft’s rudder (tail fin) was missing, and that the coffee was cold…”.

I’m not sure that, if I were a passenger I would have equal concern for the integrity of the aircraft and the temperature of the coffee, though, of course, the latter might figure prominently in the psychological stress suffered by some people.


  1. I had assumed that the remark about the coffee was a touch of humour inserted by Eugene Meehan rather than part of the suit.

    I also thought this is a crazy suit, as is the other one he mentioned where certification of the class action was limited. Have people a legally enforceable right to an on-time flight with no technical difficulties, ever? Someone who lost serious money by reason of the delay might have a claim, but the amounts sought for the inconvenience of getting home from vacation a day late … priceless, IMHO.