The Friday Fillip

Astute readers of this feature (and some of the rest of you, too) will have noticed that I tend towards non-verbal Friday Fillips, seeking, I guess, relief from the “jaw-jaw” that is law. Graphics, music — these are the stuff of nolaw. Well today I bring you a wondrous combination of these two. Kenji Kojima has created a small application (that runs on both Windows and Mac) called the RGB Music Lab. (The RGB stands for red, green, blue, the channels of instruction given to graphics programs to produce all colours.) The simple notion is this: you drop a graphic file onto a rectangle, adjust some controls, press a button and out comes music “composed” by the picture you put into the system. Now this isn’t your Brahm’s Lullaby nor even your Bartok: it is, well, experimental, shall we say — but surprising and therefore possbily delightful for that reason.

There are quite a few controls that you can adjust. You can call upon dozens of midi “instruments,” change the tempo, alter the rests, etc. etc. So there is an infinity of music that might be derived from even one picture. I’ve taken the photo of one particular Slawyer, whose initals are cc, and produced a “tune” using a “grand piano” an “electric piano” and a “trumpet.” Here is about 1 minute of this effort.

To hear some more carefuly constructed work, go to the website and listen to Kenji Kojima’s work with the Mona Lisa or Andy Warhol.

Then get the thing and play.


  1. Well, I certainly got a kick out of your post!

    Happy weekend, folks.