UK Librarians Ask for New Book Titles RSS

UK law librarians are now following our lead, encouraging the UK legal publishers to produce a new titles RSS feed.

Publishing consultant Nick Holmes has been calling for this service for some time, and recently put the pressure on publishers by scraping their websites to create sample feeds, posting them on the infolaw site. He also wrote an open letter to UK legal publishers on November 2nd asking for RSS feeds.

Blogger lo-fi librarian reports that a Facebook group has also been set up to help build concensus amongst law librarians in their request for RSS feeds from UK legal publishers – see Join Us.

The news has also been posted on the BIALL Blog, updated for benefit of the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians members.


  1. I think I can speak for all members of the Facebook group you have mentioned above that we would love to see UK Legal Publishers offer RSS Feeds for their marketing materials.

    It seems to all of us to be an easy thing to do and some publishers already offer RSS feeds for some of their products just not their marketing material.

  2. Thanks, James! Sorry–you are one “instigator” who I hadn’t mentioned above.

    From a Canadian librarian viewpoint, it would be good to have the UK new titles also available to us in RSS as we do purchase these publications as well. It would be in our own interest, then, for Canadian law librarians to mention to our publisher reps we would like to see this. More requests might help.