Portable (Wireless) High Speed Internet

Rogers’ version is, so far, exactly as advertised. Purchase a wireless modem, sign up for the service, plug the modem into a (working) socket, attach one’s computer etc., turn on one’s computer, and away you go.

Rogers provides a high speed and basic service. Basic is apparently about as fast as dial-up. High speed isn’t as fast as cable high speed, but it’s good enough for when one is away from one’s base, so long as one is within the coverage area. And, the price is right.

Read about it Rogers Portable Internet according to Rogers

Bell’s equivalent is called Sympatico Unplugged.

Both services are reviewed by Digital Home, here, which compares and makes a recommendation: Rogers.

Digital Home explains that the wireless broadband service used by both Rogers and Sympatico is provided by

Inukshuk Wireless Inc. Inukshuk Wireless is an equally owned joint venture between Bell Canada and Rogers Communications which leverages existing Bell and Rogers cellular towers.

What this all means is that whether you subscribe to the Bell service or the Rogers service, all your data will flow over Inukshuk. Inukshuk is now available in 20 markets across Canada: Greater Vancouver Area, Victoria, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, Whitehorse, Greater Toronto Area, Barrie, London, Windsor, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Ottawa, Gatineau-Hull, Quebec City, Greater Montreal Area, Charlottetown, Halifax, Fredericton, and St. John’s.

The Inukshuk network footprint is expected to cover over 45 cities and approximately 100 rural and remote communities across Canada by the end of 2008.

Inukshuk has more detail about its coverage area here. Notice that Regina and Winnipeg are missing. Actually all of Manitoba and Saskatchewan aren’t in the coverage area at all. (I’m sure that has nothing to do with the recent Grey Cup anomoly.) Curious.


  1. Some perhaps useful theoretical benchmarks on the speed of the Rogers wireless modem. The rated speed for my wireless network using my cable modem and my NetGear 108 Mbps wireless router (100 Mbps for the desktop computer connected to the router by ethernet cable) was 11 Mbps. The speed with Rogers wireless modem is 10 Mbps.