Facebook as Intranet?

Wouldn’t it be cool to have Facebook as your Intranet? One company thinks so. Andrew McAfee from Harvard Business School and Bill Ives are both blogging about how Serena Software has made the leap to adopting Facebook as its Intranet.


  1. well thats an awesome concept. I wish in our office also they could do something like that. Its banned in our office, can’t access it during working hours. But the best part is one my friend discovered this service called MoDazzle through which you can access facebook on phone without internet. Check this http://modazzle.com/cms/userLogin.html?channel=CM&camp=Facebook God bless my friend…..also to those people who are trying to have facebook as intranet.

  2. It makes sense, after all, it was developed as an internal tool for students to use at a University to achieve the same ends.

    More law firms should consider using Facebook as a promotion tool. If diligent marketers are checking their website stats they would see that Facebook draws more traffic for the legal community than Lawyers.com. Oops, did I say that out loud?

  3. I think you are on to something there, Ryan. After all, a lot of younger lawyers are using Facebook for their personal lives and to stay connected with their friends from school. Who just happen to be one of their best sources for new work when they start out…

  4. Although I believe that sites like Facebook have enormous potential in generating traffic online and business leads, I’m a little concerned with the use of the information contained therein by malicious persons or even “evil” competitors who could potentially damage your reputation.

    Diffamation is already difficult to overcome, just imagine online diffamation online that you can never get rid of (or perhaps trace the persons behind the diffamatory comments).

    But I am definitely interest to see how this idea is going to progress.

    All the best!