Canadian Parliament Forcing Re-Opening of Nuclear Reactor

The Canadian Parliament held emergency sittings of both the House of Commons and the Senate last night to pass through Bill C-38 on an urgent basis. This Bill is meant to force the re-opening of the Chalk River Nuclear Reactor, previously closed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in November on safety concerns. This reactor reportedly creates two-thirds of the world’s isotopes for use in medical evaluations or treatment, including for cancer. There is now a world shortage of these isotopes which has pressured the government to make this move. Bill C-38 was passed last night, but is not yet available on the Parliamentary website.

Bob LeDrew, a PR professional in Ottawa, has put together a fantastic description of how we got into this situation along with links to a number of resources in “Canadian Parliament declares nuclear reactor safe to open (?!)” over at Flacklife.

Update: My details above may have been somewhat incorrect. I can only find that Bill C-38 passed through the House of Commons and not yet the Senate. See: Bill C-38 status page from LegisInfo. A copy of First Reading has not yet been made available, but there is a copy of the 3rd Reading from the House if Commons (“as passed by the House of Commons”).


  1. It would appear that “The Senate gave final passage to the bill late Wednesday”, at least according to the CBC.