Why Is Twitter Exploding?

Yesterday was a big day in blog postings about Twitter! A full explanation later when I have more time, but in the meantime here is a note about one of my favourite posts from yesterday–

The Logic + Emotion blog gives a visual explanation of why Twitter is becoming increasingly popular in December 11th’s post “Why is Twitter Exploding? Because it’s a Conversation Ecosystem.”

My favourite part of the explanation? The “gratuitous analogy” calling Twitter “the Crocs of the web”. A visual:

Twitter are the Crocs of the web

You will have to head over to the original post to see the comparison.


  1. And by comparison, Publishing 2.0’s techmeme friendly post: Why I stopped using twitter.

    The funny thing that often gets omitted with twitter, facebook, etc., is balance. I wouldn’t class twitter as a “huge waste of time” because I don’t commit a huge amount of time to it. A couple minutes a day. I’ve got some of my blog posts automated to re-publish there, and I try to get a couple web-tweets up per week.

    That said, I also recognize that you must invest in Twitter to build connectivity. And the more connected you are, the more value you get from twitter as a tool. Obviously someone like Connie gets way more out of Twitter than I do.

    You can lose a lot of time with any of these tools, so gauging one’s time invested is very important. Again, balance. Being a power user isn’t a requirement for participation, but if you decide a tool is working for you, you’d be crazy not to give a bit more of yourself, wouldn’t you?

    [And BTW, we all waste time doing *something* :) ]