Miscellaneous News Notes

Herewith a slaw of small news items that have been gathering in my RSS reader:

  • The loose Magna Carta has been sold to an American. (Sigh. I never expected that the Canadian government would actually be bold enough to bid for it… but still…) David Rubenstein paid USD21.3 million for what he called “the first rung on the ladder to freedom.”
    BBC News
  • IBM, which has been playing around in Second LIfe, is planning to create a virtual world of its own, called Metaverse. It’ll be used for corporate communication — and to build spaces for clients, I’d guess.
  • Google introduces a new flight status feature. You simply search for the airline and the flight number. Here’s the result for my search “KLM 692,” a flight I won’t be on:

    The Official Google Blog

  • Zotero and the Internet Archive join forces and plan tools and a space for scholars to publicize and share material. This might be a minor competitor to Google’s knol.
    Dan Cohen

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