Safari 3 and Lexis / Quicklaw

…don’t like each other. Safari 3 crashes whenever I’m using LexisNexis/Quicklaw, which is a major pain, since it’s now my browser of choice on the Mac (Firefox being too unstable). Evidently the earlier version of Safari didn’t cause these problems, so I might try to switch back. Quicklaw blames the fact that Safari 3 is in beta and has some bugs to work out yet.

One particularly annoying thing is that when Safari crashes you’re then unable to log out; which means you can’t get access to Lexis /Quicklaw via another browser and have to phone help to get you logged out.

If anyone has any insight as to how this problem might be solved without reverting to an earlier version of Safari, I’d be glad to hear it.


  1. Have you considered using Camino? Firefox has been ported to the Mac a few times, the main branch is unstable but some other alternatives are out there which still use the Mozilla core.