The Friday Fillip


There are times when a challenge is what’s wanted and then there are other times. For me, at least, this is one of those. Other times, I mean. Gimme victories, lots of victories: too much snow, I think, too much cold, too much work piling up…

So, for those of you who, like me, don’t mind the occasional success no matter how easily arrived at, I present a couple of fun but winnable online games.

The Four Colour Problem offers you a small map of make-believe countries and four colours; you and the computer are to colour each land in such a way that no two contiguous countries are the same colour. If I can win — see above — so are you (to paraphrase Stephen Colbert).

The second game is Chat Noir, a Chinese checkers sort of affair in pleasing yellow and green in which you try to block the cat’s escape routes one move at a time. I have no information, though, about what might befall you beyond victories from repeatedly crossing a black cat’s path. I take no responsibility etc. etc.

Both of these games are found on the Gamedesign site, where, if you struggle a bit you may find truly challenging games. Let me know if you succeed. And then, if you’re feeling truly bodacious, have a look at the real four color problem complete with attendant quadratic algorithm. Let me know if you succeed.

C’mere cat.

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