08 Predictions

As this is my first post of ot8, I thought I would plant my tongue firmly in cheek and make some semi-serious, law-technology-Slaw predictions:

Over the next year…

  • Online/Technology Privacy will become a much bigger issue in the mainstream.
  • Someone or thing makes a small dent in Google’s search monopoly owing to privacy concerns (see Ask Eraser).
  • The settlement of the Hollywood writer’s strike will have implications for the online distribution of content that are not yet anticipated.
  • Google, MS or another larger fish will make an astronomical offer for Facebook.
  • There will be a Federal election.
  • There will be an election in Nova Scotia.
  • I will make at least one Slaw post tying sports to law.
  • Simon F, will discover some really neat web widget and post it in a Slaw Friday fillup.
  • Libraries still, won’t fully figure out social networking, meanwhile something new will become the next big thing.
  • At least one Slaw-yer will do something extremely innovative this year.


  1. Great list! I have been wondering, Mark, whether, if the writer’s strike goes on for very long, people will be more inclined to jump online for their entertainment, and whether this will increase the popularity of videocasts and maybe even podcasts? I have already spent more time surfing as a result of rerun TV but am probably not in the mainstream.

    The other possibility is that perhaps more people will try gaming for the first time (or in a more substantial way) to fill up their time.