Jordan Furlong Has a Blog

Called “Law21, dispatches from a legal profession on the brink,” Jordan says of the new year’s baby:

In the 21st century, the practice of law is shaking loose from its traditional moorings and heading out into uncharted territory. Opportunities abound, but so do pitfalls. Most of the old rules won’t apply anymore, while some will matter more than ever.

Welcome to the new legal profession, powered by collaboration, innovation, and client service. This is your front-row seat.

The RSS feed for posts is

As readers of the National or Jordan’s column (Law21) in Slaw will know, this is going to be a must-read stop in your browsing day. Welcome to your place in the Canadian blawg world, Jordan.


  1. Many thanks for the link and the kind words, Simon!

  2. That’s too cool Jordan. I’ll have you in my blogroll by day’s end. :)

  3. An excellent addition to the canadian blogosphere! Welcome Jordan!