My Latest Project: Florida Lawyer Blogs

Just a quick note to show off my latest project, the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch.

Working with West Palm Beach attorney Ron Chapman, my idea for this site was to create a web property where anyone, and especially someone who might not be RSS savvy, could watch regional lawyer commentary. Florida is a very good test case because of the quantity of lawyer blogs (36 at launch, and I’m sure there are more) in such a small area.

As most Slawyers can guess, the site is an RSS mashup created with Yahoo pipes. Much like my legal publications website, or Nick Holmes‘ recent Family Law pipe.

I’m confident we’re going to see more on this front. Creating new context by association, or mixing, is very valuable in my books. It speaks to the collection building Librarian in me. I also like the community feel a site like this can bring. Especially if you can clearly define the aggregating group, and open up membership for others to participate.

I have some more comments on the VLLB and over at Stem, but wanted to drop a quick post to share with Slaw readers. Thanks for listening. :-)

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