Lawyer Websites for iPhone and iPod Touch

If you read the comments here, you know that I love my iPod Touch (how did I ever live without it??). When browsing the web apps for it, I noticed this one that Slaw readers might find very neat: Lawyer websites for iPhone and iPod Touch is a service that creates law firm websites specifically designed for viewing on iPhone and iPod Touch. Created by, information included in the lawyer’s iPhone/iPod Touch website includes practice area, bio, contact details (address, phone, email) and more.


  1. I went through the demo on my computer: I like that they have enabled it to call the phone numbers, email the email addresses, or map out the street addresses on the iPhone. And looks like it will work on other mobile devices as well. Law firms appear to be U.S. only at this point.

    Cool find, Agnese!

  2. Thanks, Connie!

  3. Thanks for the post. One service I have tried successfully for “mobilizing” sites is

    An example is They have a free and fee service – and may be a low/no cost way for firms to quickly create a mobile conduit for their messaging.

  4. Slaw uses MoFuse. (Links to baby Slaw are in the sidebar.)