Australian Government Apology

The recently elected Australian Government yesterday made a long awaited apology to the Stolen Generation of the Australian Aboriginal people. The broadcast can be heard here

By way of background, the apology was recommended by the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families in 1997, also known as ‘Bringing them Home’, which can be found on Austlii. For many Australians this apology is long overdue.


  1. One Australian historian’s take on the apology, here in the online The Australian. The caption? “don’t let the facts spoil the day“.

  2. Hi David – Keith Windshuttle is a spokesman for the ultra conservative wing of Australian politics, and his book, called the Fabrication of Aboriginal History, made me ashamed to be an Australian. He is not generally regarded as an historian and has no real academic credibility, taking selective facts and blowing them out of all realistic proportion.