Nine Lords A’Blogging

On Monday the British House of Lords starts blogging. The Times reports that Lord Soley, Lord Norton, Lord Tyler, Lord Lipsey, Lord Dholakia, Baroness D’Souza, Lord Teverson, Baroness Young of Hornsey and Baroness Murphy — collectively to be known as Lords of the Blog — will begin a 6-month experiment aimed at raising public awareness of the role and business of the House of Lords.

Lord Soley of Hammersmith has been blogging for some time under the title of Lord of the Blog, and has just now (6 pm EST Sunday, March 16), even as I write, posted about the new blog (thanking the Hansard Society and the Lords Library and Information Department) and has given us the URL: At the moment, however — here, at least — the domain name hasn’t yet been propagated and still points to

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