Slaw Timeline

Herewith a new feature: the Slaw Timeline for the past week. Clicking on the link or on the graphic below will take you to a PDF file that shows you the posts on Slaw this week at a glance. Best of all, the title of each post is linked to the entry, so you can catch up on any reading you missed. And if you pop all the Slaw Timeline files in a folder (or go to our Timeline Folder) you’ll be able to consult a graphic record of where we’ve been.

Let me know what you think.



  1. It may be a tribute to how active Slaw has become, but this is too small to be useful, and there doesn’t seem much logic to the ordering of posts, except the accident of days.

  2. Indeed, it’s a record of posts by days — which may or may not be useful.

    But small it ain’t: the PDF should open at 1070 pixels wide — and because it’s a PDF it’s able to be enlarged by your PDF reader to any size you like without losing quality.