Creating an RSS Feed From CanLII Search Results

FeedityI’d like to thank Dominic Jaar for firing up this new screencast on tracking new decisions on CanLII using RSS. The website Dominic uses is called Feedity. A great tool BTW…

I wrote a post back in 1996 on how to scrape cases using Feedtier, the web-predecessor to Feedity. Same software, same technique. But this time you get a great full size movie on how to do it!

Nice work Dominic!


  1. Thanks!
    Actually, I did it rather quickly to answer someone’s (Mark) question. Next time, I’ll put a bit more into my screencast. For those interested, I used Jing, by Techsmith, a free screencast program.

  2. Hi, I would love to see this screencast, but all I see is a blank box where the screencast should be. Any ideas?

  3. Elda,
    What browser do you use? I’ll troubleshoot that… Sorry! In the meantime, perhaps I’ll try to embed it in my comment (Simon, can we?):

  4. It seems we can’t…