Ooxml and Iso

James Hogarth has provided a summary, “How to buy a standard in 10 days“, of the process by which Microsoft’s Open Office XML was approved as an ISO standard (subject to an appeal, as Groklaw notes.) I wonder how many lawyers were involved.


  1. Groklaw also reports that Canada voted no.

  2. Does anyone know if Canada is planning to appeal this ISO decision? It seems rather silly to object strongly to this, and then not follow it up with an appeal. The rationale behind the *No* vote was that anything this complex should go though the standard process, and that the *fast track* process was abused to get this though, to the disservice of everyone (except Microsoft). This, combined with the many *voting irregularities* that are coming to light, should be more than enough reason to appeal this decision and keep it in limbo until all concerns of all P members are absolutely and completely addressed, or until it is abandoned (whichever comes first).