Open Source Alternatives

I was searching for a free Visio-like product today and luckily came across this great website that lists open source software alternatives to commercial products:


The site allows you to browse through various software categories and compare pros and cons of both commercial products and open source software.

The editor of this site, Anders Ingeman Rasmussen, boldly states in a sort of fortune cookie way: If you want success, open source is the way to go.

Who knew the answer was so simple…


  1. for visio alternatives, i just wanted to put a plug in for smartdraw, which i’ve been happily using since 1999. it’s not free, but i found it pretty easy to use. see for a sample output – the floorplan elements were scanned in for scale, but could just as easily been selected from the thousands that come with the software.

    and yes, i did notice that they were the top paid link on the osalt visio page, but i would’ve recommended them anyway ;)