Ted Tells Us How – Updated

Ted Tjaden‘s excellent online guide on LLRX to doing legal research in Canada has been updated. The sub-heads are as follows:

Props to Ted.


  1. “Props”? Simon, methinks you have been watching too much American Idol!

    Yes, Ted, great job updating this fantastic resource!


  2. Well, Connie, I’ll plead guilty to running after slang and probably failing to keep current, but never to watching American Idol (gives a delicate shudder). Stung, though, I ran a search for “props” on Google’s Blogsearch and was comforted to see that I’m not that far out of date. I promise, however, never to talk about “peeps”.

  3. lol! I couldn’t resist poking fun, Simon. ;-)

    But, I don’t really know what “props” means, although I do believe you used it correctly.