Reader Questions

Herewith three questions from Slaw readers who, by the sound of things, aren’t lawyers or librarians. If anyone has an answer, he or she might submit it as a comment to this post.

  1. Michael: “I noticed from one of your earlier blogs that Ontario passed whistleblowing legislation in 2006, did this receive royal assent?”
  2. Mark: “I am a US citizen trying to understand the revision history of Canada’s Criminal Law, Part III (Firearms and other weapons), 89(1) and (2). ( It says it was revised 1985 C-46. I’m trying to learn the specific date in 1985 that revision took effect, and what was the text of the law prior to the revision?”
  3. Peter: “Lots about the Walter Owen prize, but nothing about Walter Owen, the person. Who is or was he? I’m researching an Owen family that moved into our area in the 1880’s and included a ‘Walter’. I’d like to know if there is a relationship between this person and/or family, so would be interested in knowing what is available in the way of public information.”


  1. Question 1 – Over to Michel-Adrien who owns this space.
    Answer is yes in Public Service of Ontario Statute Law Amendment Act on December 20, 2006

  2. About question 2:

    The 1985 revision came into force on December 12, 1988 (the revision took 3 years). see

  3. 2. The citation to the relevant section in the current version of the Criminal Code refers to the Revised Statutes of Canada 1985, but there is no indication that the text was changed at the time of revision – so the wording could have been a lot older than 1985 (though almost certainly with a different section number.) Can you get Canadian statutes from before the RSC 85 online, without paying for a service? Also: he asks what was the law before that wording was adopted? I’m not sure that is available online, though it would be relatively easy to look it up if one had the annual volumes.