Law Firm Beta Tests iPhone 2.0

iPhone 2.0
At the WWDC keynote address by Apple earlier today, an updated version of the iPhone was released. Steve Jobs is informally calling it “iPhone 2.0”, and a video of customers who beta tested the mobile phone is included in the usual slick keynote video.

This time around, U.S.-based firm Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP beta tested the phone for two months. One of the features of the updated iPhone is the new integration with Microsoft Exchange so that firms and other PC-centric organizations can have push email, scheduling and contacts from Microsoft Outlook.
iPhone for the enterprise

Will the iPhone overtake the upcoming Blackberry Bold? Who will be the winner? Bets are on that, regardless, the winner in Canada will be Rogers who will be carrying both. The iPhone will be available in Canada July 11th according to the Rogers press release. No word yet on this summer’s Bold release.

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