Comment Feature Added to Facebook Mini-Feed

Facebook logo

The popular social network platform Facebook today added the ability to comment on items in the “mini-feed” of news in each individual’s profile. Mashable compares this to the functionality of the new platform FriendFeed.

Facebook mini-feed screen shot.

What do you think about this new feature? Can Facebook continue to add features of other networks, and become everything to everyone? At what point will it become so unfocussed that no one will use it?

Hat tip to David Tallan for catching the story earlier today.

[This blog post is recreation of a post from earlier today that was lost in a technical glitch.]


  1. Hey! how did I get to be the example? ;)

    My only complaint with these ‘add on comments’ features (both FB & FF) is that they leave you tied to their website. You must either feed those comments out or have more alerts fill up your email inbox, in order to know they exist.

  2. I was actually going to use my own Mini-feed as the example, but they do not allow you to comment on your own feed. Which I think means you cannot respond to someone’s comment if they leave one on your feed. Which I don’t really like.