These Are the Daves!

For those of you that thought having two Simon’s here at Slaw was confusing, get ready for take-off! This week Slaw is ecstatic to welcome three new weekly contributors – David Bilinsky, David Canton, and David Fraser. If you’ve followed Canadian law blogs over the past couple years, none of who will need much of an introduction. But, we’ll do it anyway…

David Bilinsky is the Practice Management Advisor and staff lawyer for the Law Society of British Columbia. His impressive CV includes such items as being Chair of the Editorial Board for Law Practice Magazine, published by the ABA; founding the Pacific Legal Technology Conference; and being a former ABA Techshow Chair. David also blogs at

David Fraser is the founder of the Canadian Privacy Law Blog, and notably one of Canada’s first blogging lawyers. He is a member of the faculty of Dalhousie Law School, where he teaches Internet and Media Law, Law and Technology, and Law and Policy for Electronic Commerce. We also are looking forward to seeing Mr. Fraser start blogging on topics outside of Privacy Law, to which we’re told to expect some controversy. Right David? ;)

David Canton, is a renowned Canadian technology blogger providing his commentary at David practices with Harrison Pensa in London Ontario, where he is a business lawyer and trade-mark agent with a focus on technology issues and technology companies. David also writes a column for the London Free Press, and has authored a book Legal Landmines in E-Commerce.

The posts will start shortly (Dave B’s already got his first up…), but we here at Slaw would like to welcome our new Daves! And to celebrate, I’d like to offer a classic sketch from Kids in the Hall.


  1. Hilarious. That’s one of my favorite sketches, and I thought you must be referencing it when I saw this.

    Good luck to the Dave’s.

  2. Welcome all! And rumour has it there may be at least another addition…stay tuned folks! ;-)

  3. Welcome to the 3 Ds. An important question though, are they David’s or Dave’s?

  4. Good Question.

    Dave B. or David B.?
    Dave C. or David C.?
    Dave F. or David F.?

    As the song says, some of them are David’s but most of are Dave’s… (I’m guessing other way around, but could be wrong)

    Guys, what’s your preference?

  5. I had “the Daves I know” stuck in my head all day yesterday. I could have used the automatic song eraser (Genesis-Invisible Touch), but sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

  6. For the record, I usually go by David, but I’ll always answer to Dave and even Davey.

    Now the only thing missing from Slaw is roughly 30 Helens.