When You Wish Upon a Star…

Make your dreams come true….

♫ When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
When you wish upon a star
Your dream comes true .. ♫

Music by Leigh Harline, lyrics by Ned Washington.

Despite all the assistance from technology and the labour-saving devices available today, I don’t believe that most of us are really any closer to achieving our in-our-heart-of-heart’s dreams…you know what I mean…the ones that you think about at quiet moments..such as at dawn or gazing into a sunset.

I have talked to many lawyers …many many lawyers – who in the words of Billy Joel, are “real estate novelists” – living one life and dreaming of another. So it was with great pleasure that I received an email from my friend Tom Collins announcing his first novel.

Now Tom hid his dream well…he started Juris and ran his blog MorePartnerIncome – concentrating on achieving hard financial results for lawyers. This is not an area for those who spend their time daydreaming. He taught many lawyers and administrators how to go about achieving proper financial results. Along the way he built up Juris and then sold it to LexisNexis. He turned over his blog to others. Then..when most people would put their feet up and enjoy their retirement – which he had earned so well – he turned to writing.

His first book: Mark Rollins’ New Career & the Women’s Health Club is now available on Amazon. It is the first of what he expects to be a series of mysteries featuring Mark Rollins as an ex-software entrepreneur turned amateur sleuth.

Congratulations to Tom! Tom has taught everyone who wishes upon a star – to Put That Wish On Your Bucket List! Then start doing something about it, since dreams need a little help besides a magic wand to come true!


  1. Thanks for the nice words. I have a lot of friends in the legal community and perhaps I can stay in touch through my Mark Rollins Adventures.