Board and Tribunal RSS Feeds

I am occasionally surprised by really great service.

Here is an example: In the spring I sent an email to the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board to let them know that even though their news releases were available through the Alberta Government RSS feeds, I thought it would be a good idea if they had their own RSS channels so that if someone only wanted their material, it would be available. I was happily surprised this week when I received an e-mail saying they had their own RSS feeds.

A quick check tells me that there are a couple of sites with lists of RSS feeds of this type. Alberta board and tribunal feeds are at the bottom of this page, and a list of federal board and tribunal feeds is available. Nova Scotia offers a list of RSS feeds that includ tribunals and boards. Some jurisdictions have one government RSS feed (Saskatchewan, Ontario , and some government sites offer RSS by topic or ministry (British Columbia). Some governments offer news by e-mail but not RSS (Manitoba, PEI). Most do not seem to have seperate feeds for government boards and tribinals.

CanLII offers feeds for tribunal decisions in their collection.


  1. Hmm… I wonder if we could persuade governments to post RSS feeds on changes to policy and procedure manuals. I’m looking at you, Citizenship and Immigration Canada!