Supreme Court of Canada Website Relaunch Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening, the Supreme Court of Canada will launch a new version of its website.

The new site has been redesigned to comply with the Common Look and Feel 2.0 design standards set by the Treasury Board of the Government of Canada.

The new standards:

  • provide consistent presentation of government services and content
  • facilitate online interaction
  • improve navigation, menuing and format elements
  • improve accessibility and ease of use

All of the content currently available on the Supreme Court of Canada website (rules of court, docket information, etc.) remains in place. It will just be easier to find and more pleasant to the eye.

Among the major changes:

  • breadcrumb navigation available on all pages
  • complete expandable menus for all content sections available on all pages
  • printer-friendly pages will contain only the middle-of-the-page content – menus and nav bars will not appear on print versions


  1. Unfortunately they changed the URL of the home page and didn’t put up a proper redirect to the new home page. Fortunately the site validates for xhtml 1.0 strict and CSS 2.1. Search engine is still missing a label, but that’s unfortunately pretty standard.