5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers

In one of those ostensibly annoying but secretly pleasing pyramid thingies that spread throughout the web, I’ve been tagged by Jordan Furlong, editor, blogger and sometime Slawyer, to post (under the title “5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers”) about five non-law blogs I like and then ponzi up five blawgers and tag them. Here we go:

  1. things magazine
    “…an online journal about objects and meanings” from England, and for me a constant source of amazement. For one thing, there might be as many as 50 links in a post, sometimes clustered around an idea, but often simply sparking off into directions hard to anticipate. There’s so much richness possible here — lots of art and architecture — that you don’t feel guilty about chucking most of it and pursuing a link or maybe two on a whim.
  2. Coudal Partners “Fresh Signals”
    coudal Partners is a Chicago design firm and Fresh Signals is their RSS spray of the odd, the nifty and the beautiful. Here, too, there’s a surplus of possibilities, but again because this has nothing whatever to do with law I’m able to ignore most of what’s on the buffet and go straight for the lobster salad or the streaky bacon or whatever I’ve an appetite for. As with things magazine, a good mind behind all this.
  3. The Rest is Noise
    Way less febrile is Alex Ross’s blog on serious / intelligent / classical / what-you-won’t-hear-anymore-on-CBS music. He’s the music critic for the New Yorker, a mag which would be hard to praise too much IMHO. Running at about a post a week, he’ll give you a link to a column on music in China or a video extolling Lorraine Hunt Lieberson or a small piece on Esa-Pekka Salonen. Smart, relaxed, good writer…
  4. Subtraction 7
    Koi Vinh, who writes Subtraction, is the Design Director at NYTimes.com, the stellar newspaper website (matched only, in my view, by the innovating IHT site. Vinh will give you some of the behind-the-scenes stuff of interest to techies and designers, some gentle chat about his life, and some thinking about the role of web technology and design in the world. Unpretentious, genuine, thoughtful, and skilled…
  5. Hungry in Hogtown
    Dropping the temperature way down now — a post a month — I offer a great, local (to me) food blog: “This blog is about our love of food — shopping for it, cooking it, and eating it. It’s also about the rewards and challenges of pursuing this passion in Toronto, our home.” The “our” here is Rob Mifsud and his wife Rachel. Rob’s blog got him a job as a food columnist on Toronto Life magazine. He takes food seriously but not solemnly; he’ll fling Cheezies into liquid nitrogen (they explode in your mouth), sweat over a recipe for donut soufflés, and go to Rome to learn about homemade guanciale.

As an addendum, I want to pile on to two suggestions made by other blawgers tagged earlier than I, because these blogs would have made my A list in a heartbeat: Language Log and Bitten (Mark Bittman on Food — check out his videos.)

Now let me tag five blawgers: Steve Matthews for Vancouver Law Librarian Blog and so much more; Rob Hyndman for his eponymous (yeah, I had to look it up) blaw on politics, technology and law; Michel-Adrien Sheppard, Supreme Court of Canada librarian, whose Library Boy blog usually gets there first; Tom Mighell of InterAlia, who points us to so many blawgs that it would be interesting to see him facing in another direction for a while; and, never one to ignore the obvious, I tag Sabrina Pacifici, who needs no epithet and neither does her blawg, LLRX.com.

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