Environmental Investigation Agency

logs.jpgThanks to a video on the New Yorker website, I’ve learned about the London- and Washington D.C.-based Environmental Investigation Agency. Not a governmental bureau in any sense, the EIA tackles environmental crime through a variety of means, often clandestine or with the efforts of a network of — one hesitates to say spies or moles — people who have day jobs inside government and industry. Currently the EIA has three campaigns, Species in Peril, Global Climate, and Forests for the World.

It’s in connection with this last campaign that Raffi Khatchadourian wrote “The Stolen Forests, The global war on illegal logging,” for the October 6 New Yorker. Although the article is not available online, you can watch a video made by Khatchadourian, who travelled to Russia and China to take covert shots of illegal logging operations.

Those interested in the subject of illegal logging can read the excellent 30-page EIA report “No Questions Asked.” [PDF]

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