What Kind of Notebook Do You Use?

Some Slaw-ers already know that I am currently on sabbatical from my position at the university and have returned to school for a year. It has been an adjustment to go from doing to learning but has been enjoyable so far. One thing that I anticipated, which is not quite like I thought it was, is the use of laptops by students. Being around a law school for the last several years I have observed that the first thing to happen in most law school classes is that anywhere from 75-90% ((The numbers I cite in this post are completely unscientific, an approximation at best, based on observation)) sit down and immediately open a laptop; I assumed this rate went for all post-secondary students. Having entered the halls a different faculty I have learned that this is not necessarily so. The numbers are still substantial, but outside the faculty of law the numbers are somewhere closer to 40-55% using their laptops in class. This could be only the faculty I’m in, I grant you; but the difference in noticeable and now I’m wondering if laptop use by law students is substantially higher than in other faculties; and if so, why is this so?

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