Hockey Anthem Challenge

It’s nowhere near Friday, but that mustn’t matter. Even so there’s a tenuous connection with our regular programming, having to do with copyright law and Dolores Claman’s problems with the CBC (or vice versa). So… today’s the day you get to vote for the new hockey theme for Hockey Night in Canada. On CBC’s Anthem Challenge webpage you’ll find links to the five finalists’ music. Have a listen, and then vote. It’ll be good practice, anyway, for October 14.


  1. To my ear, these entries all sound like strings of sound bytes designed more for editability than engagement. None of them contains a memorable or even hummable melody with a beginning, middle and end. What a shame.

  2. Call me old school but to me the anthem for hockey should remain the same…………nothing that I have heard thus far to replace it even comes close to what we as Canadians are used to hearing when Hockey is on. Who’s the lame chap that wanted to change it anyways??? What a discrace to Canada!!!