Wikis and KM at Law Firms

Bill Ives has a couple of posts on the use of wikis for knowledge management at law firms on his blog, Portals and KM.

In Wikis in Knowledge Management at Law Firms – Part One: ThoughtFarmer Example he reports on a discussion at a recent event in Boston, where two examples were discussed. The first was of a Canadian firm (unnamed) where the KM and IT people had set up Domino wikis (i.e. inside the firewall) for the various practice groups. The result was that they created silos of information. As a solution they turned to ThoughtFarmer. After an initial trial period:

The wiki was now the only intranet and document management system. It tracks recent changes and who did it and you can see their picture. KM allows others to add tags and supplements existing tags. Since May 12: 416 pages created, 776 documents added, 299 links crated 18 comments added.

The second post by Ives, Wikis in Knowledge Management at Law Firms – Part Two: Sharepoint Example, explores another firm’s use of a Sharepoint wiki.


  1. Hi! That unnamed Canadian firm was actually named in Canadian Lawyer magazine recently, so hopefully I am not telling any tales out of school. It is Hicks Morley, and Heather Colman was our presenter talking about how they went from proof of concept and pilot project to full implementation of ThoughtFarmer in under a year. A fantastic precedent for small- to medium-sized firms.

  2. Thanks for your comments Connie. Here is a link to the article in Canadian Lawyer which contains more details about our ThoughtFarmer implementation: