Your Seat Is Waiting! New Business Conferences Starting Online Now

Empty conference room chairsOpportunities for learning and professional development are quickly expanding as it becomes easier for everyone to develop and add their own content to the Internet.

Earlier this week Mitch Joel, President of marketing firm Twist Image, put together Pixelated, a free full-day online conference with some of the world’s leading speakers on the topic of how business is changing including Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin, Chris Anderson, Avinash Kaushik, Chris Brogan and many more. What is incredible is it is all freely available video from around the web, and he has posted it to his blog.

His idea was adapted from Bryan Eisenberg, co-author of Call To Action, Waiting For Your Cat To Bark? and Always Be Testing. According to Joel, on his GrokDotCom blog Eisenberg created OnClick: The Online Marketing Virtual Conference Mashup. Eisenberg collected and posted some of the best presentations he’s found online on the topic of online marketing as if he were the conference organizer.

What a fantastic idea! Simple, easy, and yet effective. Not to mention cost-effective, for those of us who are experiencing shrinking professional development budgets. There is strikingly little overlap between the two conference line-ups.

It has me thinking as to what videos I would include in my own online conference. It also has me wondering where the law leaders are. Where are their videos? Besides Lawrence Lessig and Michael Geist, what other law-related speakers/talks can we gather together?


  1. In my (admitedly smaller) legal world, I think of Rob Hyndman, Sam Trusow, and Jason Cherniak.

    All have something unique to offer and an area of specialty that others might be interested in.

  2. Of course. But, is there video of them speaking? That’s what I’m looking for to be able to build up this type of experience.

    My other thought is that freely available video of thought leaders could be used inside law school or firms as part of a larger curriculum.

  3. There are a couple videos already on YouTube about Rob Hyndman from mesh and Start-Up Camp.

    Jason has been on Michael Coren and more recently shared a spot with some of us on CBC.

    The bigger issue would be to get a more legal focus or legal audience from these two than their more generalized client-based content.