Dan Pinnington

I’m pleased to be able to report that Dan Pinnington has joined Slaw as a regular contributor. Dan is the Director of practicePRO at the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO) in Toronto, an important initiative to give lawyers the tools and resources to avoid malpractice claims. Dan practiced as a litigation lawyer for a number of years and has extensive experience with legal technologies, having been Manager of Information Systems at his firm.

Dan writes and speaks on risk management, technology and law practice management issues, and is currently editor-in-chief of the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine. As well he helped launch the Law Practice Today webzine.

Please welcome Dan to Slaw.


  1. Welcome aboard Dan!

    Although now you’ll be going to bed at 2 rather than 1 at least once a week because of us… ;)

  2. this is good news. Dan is a great combination of tech savvy and informed principle. His presence may extend those late nights that Steven Matthews mentions…for the rest of us.

    Welcome aboard, Dan.