I just read a column from yesterday’s National Post by Duncan Stewart, “Microsoft will be stung by Intel’s Atom“. It talks about the “netbook” market in low-end laptops, some running Linux. I’ve been thinking that my next computer would be something like this. I’m curious to know if any SLAWyers have experience with these, particularly in conjunction with a Rogers Rocket Mobile Internet Stick.


  1. I’d be interested, too. (This from a Mac fan boy!) The price is right, if the keyboard isn’t too confining. And the Rogers stick thingy sounds intriguing.

  2. I use a Dell Mini 9 for taking notes at Law school. It works really well for this, even though the keyboard is a little smaller than I would like. The size of the Mini 9 and the lack of moving parts makes it very portable, though.

    Due to a promotion on Dell’s web site, it was actually cheaper to buy the Mini 9 with Windows XP installed, although I immediately installed Debian Linux on it. The computer’s speed was unimpressive with Windows, to the point that I wasn’t sure I was going to be happy. In Linux, it’s very responsive and useful. Also, I’m getting about 4.5 hours of use per charge, which is enough to get through most days of lectures without plugging it in.