Hosting Change

Welcome to Slaw’s new home. And if the move has gone successfully, you shouldn’t notice a thing — except for the fact that we’re making a little more use of our contributors’ shining faces.

We are now hosted by Fused Network, a highly rated, highly responsive Canadian company. They have gone well out of their way to make our transition as smooth and as pain-free as possible. So, with their expert help, we’re looking to all but eliminate the gremlin factor and keep Slaw up and running all of the time.

Not only have we moved, but we’ve also upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, the engine that publishes this blog. This double dare, so to speak, wouldn’t really have been possible without the expertise and effort of Steve Matthews, who deserves a big vote of thanks.

When you move and renovate the heating and plumbing, things can go wrong. We don’t think anything has. But if you come across something that doesn’t work the way it should — pipes that bang in the night, cold air coming from a faucet — let us know, and together with the folks at Fused Network, we’ll fix it.


  1. Thanks Simon, but this was a true team effort. Kudos back at you. :)

    I learned a lot about Slaw this weekend. Like the custom php you’ve crafted for the Column to pop up in the sidebar. I bet most Slaw users & readers don’t know about how the column categories are redacted from the main blog stream, and then routed over the side bar. It’s very impressive.

    I was also taken back by the growing volume of Slaw. Trivia like the fact the new version of WordPress has an import utility that maxes out at a 2MB import file. And that the Slaw export file was a touch over 22 MB. That kind of fun stuff!

    … Ah well, the company was a blessing. :)

  2. Great work, guys! I look forward to doing my best to not break it. ;-)