New Canadian Legal Blogs

I just put up a new post over on Stem’s blog about the latest Canadian legal blog additions to… and thought the relay here might help our newly minted bloggers.

On average, we’re still seeing 1-2 new blogs each month, including Canadian lawyers, students, librarians, and other legal pros. And for your surfing pleasure, those latest blogs are:

Welcome and congraulations to all! And as always, if you know of a new legal blog with a Canadian perspective, please drop me a line. I’m happy to make additions.


  1. Thanks to both you and Ted Tjaden for mentioning Library technician dialog here on Slaw. Brenda and I are faithful readers, and hope we bring a different perspective to the law library community.

  2. We’re always keeping an eye out for law student blogs.

    Here‘s a new one from your side of the country.

  3. Much needed site. I particularly like archive searches.