Michael’s Great Film Adventure

Tip of the hat to Ian Kerr, who points us to Michael Giest’s latest project:

Why Copyright? Canadian Voices on Copyright Law

It’s a film on the significance of copyright as an issue in Canada. It features a wide range of Canadian voices – artists like Gordon Duggan of Appropriation Art; writers like award winning science fiction author Karl Schroeder; musicians like Wide Mouth Mason’s Safwan Javed; business people like Nettwerk Record’s Terry McBride, Lulu.com’s Bob Young, and Skylink Technologies’ Philip Tsui; government appointees like Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart and Ian E. Wilson, the Chief Librarian of Canada and a number of canadian academics.

The film was produced with Daniel Albahary, a student who is doing a joint law degree at Ottawa and Michigan State.

The film is in several formats at Michael’s site.

Streamed versions are online elsewhere:

A full version at Blip.tv
An annotated version at YouTube
A version for sub-titling at Dot-Sub.
In addition, the full DVD can be downloaded using BitTorrent or via Vuze .

An impressive piece of work. Well done Michael

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