More Legal Information From Moscow

RIA Novosti sets up agency providing legal information. Here is the Press Release

MOSCOW, December 3 – The Russian state news agency RIA Novosti has established a law agency to cover new developments taking place in Russia’s legal system, a RIA Novosti deputy editor-in-chief said on Wednesday.

The Agency for Legal and Judicial Information (APSI), set up jointly with Russia’s Supreme Court, Constitutional Court and Supreme Court of Arbitration, is due to begin its work in the near future, Maxim Filimonov said.

The new agency aims to provide objective information on the activity of the courts in an effort to raise understanding of legal proceedings in the country and promote a legal culture among Russians.

“However, the new agency will not just be a resource giving only a ‘sugar-coated’ picture, reflecting the viewpoint of the representatives of the judicial system. The agency will follow the generally accepted principles of neutrality in covering the courts’ activity and give the opportunity to all parties in the court process to have a say,” said Filimonov, who also heads the Integrated News Department.

The agency’s correspondents will work in federal and regional courts and cover court procedures in areas of criminal, civil, family law and arbitration etc. The legal information will be available on a special interactive website and RIA Novosti resources.

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