Mad About the Mouse

Forty years ago today, yes December 9, 1968, the first prototype mouse was unveiled in a presentation by Stanford Research Institute engineer Douglas Engelbart. Made of wood with only one button. The mouse is likely older than many of Slaw’s readers.

Here is a BBC clip telling the story, and a Wired tribute.

Another time entirely. This was life before long-distance direct telephone dialling, before the photocopier, and while Colin Tapper at Magdalen was talking about computers and the law, it was all considered data-processing or cybernetics.

Law School was much as it would have been fifty years earlier. Laudatores temporis acti



  1. Here is a link to a series of You Tube videos showing Doug Engelbart’s original presentation of this technology. Hat tip to Law Librarian Blog.

  2. Someone went one step further and applied for a patent thus making full use of the patent law for commercialisation. This is called ‘Mouse Madness’.

    Jeong Chun phuoc