Charon Reviews Blawgs

Some of our gang — and the gang itself — have been kindly noticed in the #193 Blawg Review, penned by the delightfully quirky (but oh-so-percipient) Charon QC. Coming close on the heels of his exploration of blawgs and lust is his praise for much that is Canadian:

Another *lust* in my life is knowing what is going on – hence the Pageflakes project (Later). Canadian blogger Jordan Furlong’s blog is a treasure chest of gems. Regeneration, a recent post talks about regeneration and hopeā€¦

Another Canadian blog to satisfy lust for knowledge across the pond is the excellent Slaw blog. While I dwell on Canada – there are many good blogs there. I am adding to the list regularly – but here, on a Pageflake of Canadian blogs, is a snapshot of the blogs I have found so far. On the subject of Canadian blogs it would be impossible not to mention the tireless Steve Matthews who really does know what is going on with his Stem Legal and Vancouver Law Librarian blogs. It was a pleasure to receive a *Clawbie* this year and here is a full list of Clawbie winners.

Our thanks at Slaw for his notice.

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