Book on Loss of Reputation and Internet Privacy

Here’s a new US title that should be of interest to Slawyers. Its available in print from Yale UP, or online for free.

Daniel Solove, a lawyer and blogger, takes a look at the long term effects of the Internet on personal privacy and the legal ramifications of a loss of reputation. People often struggle with the fine line between privacy and free speech on the Web. You can share personal information about yourself or a friend on a blog, not realizing that it will be there for anyone — including future employers and dates — to see. […] The examples in Solove’s book serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who thinks their Facebook and MySpace life is limited to friends and family. Solove says: “We need to spend a lot more time educating people about the consequences of posting information online… Teenagers and children need to be taught about privacy just like they are taught rules of etiquette and civility.”

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  1. Oops. We posted about that late in December: Two Books, Free Online — when the holidays were distracting everyone. Never too much of a good thing, though.