Westlaw Browser Policy

According to the Law Librarian Blog there is a message from Westlaw circulating outlining a new restrictive browser policy:

Westlaw access will be blocked when using Web browsers that are no longer supported by the companies that created them. The lack of support can create problems during Westlaw development which may result in a security risk. Users attempting to access Westlaw using one of these browsers will receive an explanatory message that offers alternatives.

Westlaw access using the following browsers will be blocked:

  • Netscape (all versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox versions lower than 1.5
  • Safari versions lower than 2.0
  • Internet Explorer versions lower than 6

Although I was unable to find any reference to the browser blocking on the West site, I did confirm this by phone with West Technical Support. The block on older browser versions took effect January 10, 2009. The West Minnesota office believes this to be the case for all Westlaw platforms.

Westlaw also does not recommend Internet Explorer v.8 and other “beta” browser products.

I am curious, has anyone tested for feed based research products with Chrome or other new/beta browsers?

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