Slaw RSS Reader Update

Here’s the week’s update on what’s been happening in the comments and on the website, for those who follow us by RSS.

The winner in the comments sweepstakes was Connie Crosby’s LinkedIn Becoming More Powerful for Legal Industry Use, with 8 comments.

Ted Tjaden was a close runner up with the unlikely Jactitation of Marriage – The Unnecessary Legal Phrase of the Day, which garnered 6 comments, if you can believe it.

On the website itself we’ve put The Cromwell Pages back in the box: the links are gone from the front page but you can still read them at Now it only remains to leap upon his judgments and let the world know what you think of them.

We’ve also repaired the Archives by Date, which broke when we changed hosts. You’ll find the working link, right where it should be, i.e. under the main menu item Archives. Note that we’ve also got handy archives arranged by author (with links to RSS feeds for each author), by category (also with RSS feed for each) and for fun an alphabetical list of every post title (sometimes helpful for searching for that elusive post from months back).

Finally, you’ll see when you visit that at the bottom of the main page there’s now a table of contents for the earlier 15 entries. If you’re looking for something more than 30 entries ago (15 on the main page + 15 on the footer menu), just use the link you’ll find there to the date archive.

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