Dominic Jaar Named New CEO of the Canadian Centre for Court Technology

Dominic Jaar

Congratulation to Slaw’s own Dominic Jaar, who has just been named CEO of the Canadian Centre for Court Technology. From the press release:

The mandate for the CCCT is:

1) Bringing the justice sector stakeholders together, including deputy ministers, lawyers, senior court administrators, judges and representatives of the public, to create an atmosphere favourable to technological innovation and excellence in our court systems to enhance access to justice.
2) Supporting the effective transfer and sharing of information between courts and other elements of the justice system.
3) Providing the tools and activities needed to exchange information and share knowledge about successful and unsuccessful experiments in fields of justice information technology.
4) Playing an active role in identifying and promoting best practices in relation to court technology and technology-related policies.

Dominic will be working with the CCCT parttime while he continues his practice at Ledjit Consulting Inc., a law firm he founded specializing in information management, e-discovery and law practice management.

Related press releases (PDF):


  1. An excellent appointment. The organization needs a jolt of outside fresh blood, and obviously recognized it in recruiting a new leader. This group has potential to make a serious contribution to these conversations in Canada.

  2. I agree, John. I’m interested to see what Dominic does with the organization.